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*My Google + Experience*


As Entrepreneur and small business owner, I am always seeking better ways – be more effective, to increase digital influence for myself and my clients and to develop marketing systems that have a positive impact on a business bottom line.
Some may consider me a "rare bird" as I have grown several offline business to 7-8 figures and I have online business'. This enabled me to see Google in a new light.

Starting late 2012, I immersed myself in Google + Marketing, Google Plus Courses, Google + Hangouts, investing hundreds of hours so far, learning from the best of the best in Google Plus.

Host of Web TV Show on Google Plus Hangouts called The Debby McKinney Show "Hangout and Grow Rich" series on www.HangoutAndGrowRich.com.

Interviews Successful Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Influencers, Product Creators and more to highlight Success Principles through information and stories.


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