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Magnetic Marketing


You can speed up your success by being magnetically attractive to your ideal client or customer to quickly increase sales and profit. It's easier to achieve your ideal lifestyle by creating your ideal business using magnetic marketing.

The news will tell you that you that the economy is down and you may hear that from your family and friends. You might be led to believe that this is not a good time. Just know that you can have success in any economy.

You might even be struggling now. I want you to know that whatever you are going through now, your past has nothing to do with your future.

Magnetic Marketing


Forbes magazine recently wrote that in 5 years there will be 79 million businesses started and 49 million online. That's every 30 minutes a business is born.

Couple that with all the messages you are bombarded with each day. From emails to billboard ads to the internet. Everyone needs an online presence (more on that) but you can't just slap up a website. A website is like an island in the middle of the ocean (the internet). How will you be found by those you want to magnetically attract to you? So how do you stand out in a sea of sameness?

It's about showing up like nobody else – both online on and offline!


5 key elements every business needs


  1. The secret sauce that most skip yet can have the greatest impact on your business
  2. Blog or website and a way to capture leads – emails / name / address
  3. Leads – generated online (Example Blogging, Paid ads, Solo Ads, PPC... and more or offline (Example – direct mail / ads in newspaper or magazines/ classifieds)
  4. List – build a relationship with over time. Most will not buy the first time they encounter you.
  5. Marketing plan to generate more leads and awareness that leads to sales

The secret is you! The way you and or your business show up in the market place. It's your brand identity (not like Coke or Pizza Hut) but it's your unique competitive advantage. It's what differentiates you from a sea of others.

Magnetic + unique = competitive advantage, which means more money, more profit, a better business and a better life.

How do you discover how to magnetically attract people? Ask yourself these questions: What problems do you uniquely solve? What makes you different from everybody out there? What core message can you deliver to simplify and target your ideal customers / clients? Be known for something. Communicate to connect and build trust with a core message to your target audience. It simplifies Your core message or your voice is the alignment between you and your prospects – the commonalities. People do business with people.

Magnetic marketing is all about selling without selling. Face it, being to sales-y today isn't cutting it. Nor is being pushy.

Building a business is building an asset, not just making sales. Within any business, it is the systems and processes that build that asset, your business. Most people think about operational systems and processed. But marketing systems are equally if not more important.

Having a systematic, affordable and efficient method to target ideal customer / clients that are ready to give you money, with credit card in hand that are looking to find the right person to do business with. Magnetic marketing is about ease of selling vs hard to sell.


Online influence today is critical


Everybody, every business needs to be online. Even if you think you don't do business online, people will google you before deciding to do business with you – even offline business. Even professional businesses like a CPA, a Doctor, a Chiropractor or an Attorney need an online presence just for that – people will check you out.

Your online influence is within your control. (mostly) What do you want your prospective ideal clients / customer to know – about you – your business? It's your job to post engaging information that highlights you and your competitive advantage.

Plus, having the right online profile and blog, leverages your time, working even when you are not at work. Smart way to speed up your success.

Now it's easier than ever to launch and promote your business online and increase Your Online Influence.

Whether you are a local business , a home business or want online business success, You can succeed online right now and gain an unfair advantage over your competition. You can hit the ground running with High Performance Tools, unique business and marketing digital products under the radar proven strategies ... without dealing with the technical, marketing, payroll and overhead challenges.


A True Story


Mid - September 2005, I was at Bob Proctor's Science of Getting Rich Seminar in Las Vegas listening to one of the speakers, Vick Johnson recommend to all of us that we need to get a blog to stay relevant in today's marketplace.

A blog - what is it? Vick had to tell (most) of us that it was a web-log which is a discussion or informational site published on the web consisting of posts.

So how did I do? Did I get a blog? Sort of ... From 2005 to 2012 I managed to put together a few blog posts, however no income was generated from the blog or because of the blog.

Really, it was pretty pathetic. But I also have come to know that it's typical.

Some of the blog platforms are like network marketing - it looks simple on the surface but as you get into it, you realize there are more moving pieces and extra parts and plug ins ... than you ever imagined. Most never get started.

Fast forward to January 2013 when I discovered a simple business blog mastery system.

It was so simple that even a baby boomer like me could set it up quickly and continue to use it. Much to my amazement, I made money from my blog, literally for the first time.

It came with some easy to understand digital educational products – business blog simplified.

Heck, I can even blog on my smart phone. There's an app for that. It allows me to easily upload videos and pictures instantly with just a few clicks of a button.

So, I tried to blog online to increase my income for over 7 years (from 2005 to 2013). I thought it was just me, but turns out it's not uncommon. The technology stops many people. It was the simple viral blog system that a boomer like me can use to build authority, credibility and trust, increasing online influence.

What you blog about is written in ink on the internet, not pencil. The more you blog, the more opportunities for people searching, with credit card in hand are ready to buy, just looking for right person.

Face it a blog is not sales-y. A blog is informational.


Here are some business blog facts to consider:

  • 64 % of the population trust the information in a blog post that is written by someone they know. That blogging is the new way to create influence online according to emarketer.
  • Business with blogs experience a median increase in lead flow of 77% with 51 blog articles and
  • a massive increase in income and profits. (every professional needs viral blog system )
  • 70% of adults say blogs influence what we buy
  • 67% of marketers say their blog is critically important to their business
  • 60% of us consumers have made a purchase as a direct result of a bloggers recommendation
  • Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than magazines - Content+
  • Blogs give you credibility and authority in the market place giving you power to influence buying decisions, if you engineer your blog properly.
  • Blogs have 43% more indexed pages in search engines and 97% increase in inbound links giving bloggers a massive increase in traffic over other kinds of websites.
  • Indexing is like labeling in a file cabinet. Do you want to be lost in a file somewhere or have
  • your own file with your name on the tab?

If you don't start blogging you will be left behind - join now - don't get left behind!!


There is a simple solution


Lock in your simple viral blog system now - right now! Fill out the form below!

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You can use our system to promote any product you chose.





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