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Internet Traffic Formula Review

 need-traffic-banner.pngInternet Traffic Formula Review by Debby McKinney. If you are looking for more information about Internet Traffic Formula. Read this unbiased and fully honest review to find out what to expect.

The founder of Internet Traffic Formula is none other than Vick Strizheus. He earned over 3 million dollars in the last year alone. In the internet marketing industry. For all who don’t know Vick Strizheus, he is known as the ‘Traffic King’. In this “Internet Traffic Formula Review” I’m going to walk you through what you can expect and everything you need to know about this product.

Let’s get back to the Internet Traffic Formula Review, which comprises of 3 courses.


Internet Traffic Formula Review: 1. Capture Mastery


In Capture Mastery, Vick reveals the strategies that are currently working for him when it comes to capturing leads. This is up-to-date 2014 strategies.  He shows you how to create a landing page from scratch, what to do and what not to do and explains why.

Writing this Internet Traffic Formula Review for you, got me pretty excited!

Internet marketing beginners are going to love this! The best part of this Internet Traffic Formula is that you receive this new simple tool, completely at your disposal to create squeeze pages using a drag and drop system.

I think this concept is really wonderful and long overdue. You can literally create a squeeze page from scratch in a matter of minutes. There is no need to know anything about HTML coding. That is the biggest thing that holds people back - the technology.

Even a Baby-Boomer like me can use this simple tool to make all these simple changes on my squeeze pages without going through 25 steps of tech work.


Internet Traffic Formula Review: 2. Traffic Mastery


The next course in Internet Traffic Formula is Traffic Mastery. This course consists of 12 modules. Each module represents a different traffic source.

  1. Module 1 is Media Traffic X. It’s really just a fancy title for Media Buying. We all know media buying is one of the best methods top internet marketers use to scale their business. We’re talking about millions of visitors a day to any given website. This boils it down into simple to understand methods.
  2. Module 2 is the OPL Method, short for Other People’s List – aka Solo Ads. In this module you will learn how to tap into other people’s email lists, where to find people with email lists and how to communicate with them. This is great for instant paid traffic. It's one of the simplest means to get traffic.
  3. Module 3 is called Traffic Agencies. This is the next level up from Solo Ads. There are many agencies out there. Their main focus is to find traffic for you. This sounds good and all but you have to know the right places to buy from and how to get the best deals. With Traffic Agencies you can buy as little as 100 clicks to do some testing, and then go up to 100,000 clicks.

    Module 4
    is called Penny Traffic. This module teaches how you can literally get targeted traffic for as low as a penny per visitor. It goes into the PPV networks and gives you the tools and resources needed.
  1. Module 5 is PPC Traffic, which stands for Pay Per Click. Have you ever seen the ads on the side when doing a Google search? Or those on the side of Facebook? These are PPC ads. You will learn how to find laser targeted leads using different platforms and networks other than Google.
  1. Module 6 is Mobile Traffic. In this new age, everybody owns a mobile phone. Marketing on mobile phones is a new trend. Many marketers have not tapped into this source! 

    Think about it - there is a mobile device within 3 feet of you at all times - smart phones, tablets and ipads.  (and more every day)
  1. Module 7 is called Facebook Traffic X. Facebook is a massive dynamic social media platform. Learn all the latest methods using Facebook to generate traffic. I’m not talking just about PPC. Vick talks about how a few elite marketers $20,000 a DAY using Facebook alone.
  1. Module 8 is Social Media Traffic. Social Media is trending massively right now. This module will teach you how to tap into free traffic by using a variety of social media platforms. This is perfect if you are starting out!
  1. Module 9 is Video Traffic. Video marketing is very effective. It looks easy but there are so many factors to take into account when making a video. This module will guide you on what to say, what not to say, how to capture attention, reducing bounce rates the style of video and how to get exposure to the video.
  1. Module 10 is CPA Traffic Secrets. This teaches you how to leverage the power of CPA networks to get unlimited leads. CPA networks focus on capturing leads rather than making sales and then sell those leads to marketers like ourselves.
  2. Module 11 is Traffic Amplifier. Learn how you can turn 1 visitor into 10!
  3. Module 12 is Traffic Intelligence. This uncovers a clever way to tap into new fresh traffic source strategically.


This course is for both experienced marketers and those who are just starting out.

A suggestion to anyone that is new to internet marketing, is to learn one or two methods, apply them, tweak them and then add more methods.

From experience, most people try to do too much at one time then feel overwhelmed and give up.  That's why as one of my bonuses, I am offering Strategy Blueprint Sessions and Masterminds. 


Internet Traffic Formula Review: 3. Conversions Mastery


As you can see, there is a lot of value jammed into this course. It's the most complete course I have seen all in one place.

Before I conclude my Internet Traffic Formula Review, let’s talk about the third and last course, which is Conversions Mastery.

The main goal in this course is to learn how to turn leads into sales; then how to improve conversion rates. It teaches you how to connect with leads from initial contact and how to follow up with them days after without being considered a spammer.  

It's about connecting in a way that you have followers that lead to customers / clients / patients for life.


Internet Traffic Forula Review: Pros

All the steps are very easy to follow. Vick Strizheus takes you by the hand and teaches you step by step, with a lot of examples to go by. It is suitable to marketers of all sizes, whether you’re a complete newbie or well seasoned.

It comes with a tool that helps you build capture pages from scratch without needing to know all the jargon from HTML Language. Everything Vick teaches is up-to-date with the current trends.

How many times do you have an opportunity to look over the shoulder of a top industry earner, that opens up his play book?

Vick is an excellent teacher and in my opinion, way over delivers.  The price for this course could be 10 to 20 time higher and it would still be a bargain.  All of this is good for you.

This is for any business, whether online or offline. Today, every business needs to not only have an online presence, but to know how to leverage the internet to put more money in their bank account.


Internet Traffic Formula Review: Cons

There is so much value  this program, that it can be overwhelming if you try to learn and implement everything that is included.  There are numerous golden nuggets that you will find useful, however it is easy to get lost. With planning and patience and stick-to-it-ness you can implement these strategies into your business.  

The price of a product is always subjective. Some will say it is "expensive" and some will say it is a "bargain" for the information, tactics and strategies delivered. 

If you are serious about growing your business, leveraging your time and stop being the best kept secret,  look at this as an investment - in your and your business.  Imagine how you will feel when you can systematically create new prospects than turn into customers / clients / patients? 

If you are new, I highly recommend this product.  It provides you with the fundamentals to kick off your business in a bigger and speedier way. 

For advanced markers, keeping up with a game that is ever changing is essential.  Even one or two new ideas, strategies or tactics can make a huge difference in your business.


Internet Traffic Formula Review: Conclusion

If you are serious about your business, this is going to be the best investment you will ever make. It is a game-changer. Something happens inside you when you know without a shadow of a doubt how to create more leads and convert them to sales. It's a quiet confidence, knowing that you have mastered this.

Many of us have bought and tried products that were a huge dissapointment  and not worth the value we paid.

There are lots of products out there in the marketplace that don't live up to their value. The Internet Traffic Formula is an investment in your and your business. To me, it's a steal.

 Less than 1% of the products are actually worth its value. Internet Traffic Formula is definitely worth it’s cost, if anything it is a complete steal. So if you are a newbie who haven’t made any real money on the internet, this is the product for you.

On top of that I have organized a $40,000 bonus package for any action taker who joins my team. Click below to check out my:

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Thanks for reading my Internet Traffic Formula Review. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

-Debby McKinney (Debby with a "Y")

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