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The Debby McKinney Show

Episode 10- You Are Not Broke - Just Tweaking

Have you ever bought a program, a training, a book ... and said to yourself "If I just get what ... this is offering, then I will be better in some way." That comes from the idea that you are broken and that the thing will fix you. Listen in ... your not broken ... just tweaking

Episode 9 - Decision

In the Book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states that "Lack of Decision is the major cause of failure." That's a pretty powerful statement! Then, that must mean that this mental move has potential to improve almost any personal or business situation just by making decisions. Remember, Not deciding is deciding. It's allowing yourself to be blown about like wind.

Episode 8 - Responsibility

It would be a mistake to say "I don't need to listen to this, I AM responsible. And, you are probably right, you are responsible. Responsibility is a CHOICE Responsibility is also the KEY to FREEDOM. Keep an open mind as this information just may unlock a door or break down a brick wall that you have had ... maybe for a long time

Episode 7 - Inspirational Frustration

Ever hear you should be satisfied with what you've got? In this podcast, you will learn why being satisfied is the worst thing to be. It's that discontent that leads you on to bigger and better things, to a better you and a better business. What!?! Yes, that's what I said.... This has to be good!

Episode 6 - Commitment

It’s not the commitment itself that determines your end result . . . It’s your commitment to your commitment that brings the desired end!   It's common mistake the word commitment for something we casually agree upon - like taking out the garbage or driving the kids to school.    If you haven't accomplished what you wanted, your “commitment muscle” may have been weak in the past, all the more incentive to listen in and learn.

Episode 5 - Set and Achieve You Goals

Did you say SET and ACHIEVE Goals? Do you think that when you set a goal, that if you just have enough "will power" that you can get what you are going after? Good news! It's not all about will power! Listen in to hear how to not only set but achieve the goals you set for yourself and your business.

Episode 4 - Vision

Your vision must be crystal clear to navigate this thing we call life.    How you see your why, your big picture of how carry out your purpose?    Your vision helps you set your goals, so they are in harmony with your purpose.   I guarantee when you do this, life is simpler, more focused.

Episode 3 - Finding Your Purpose

Many people when asked what is their purpose will answer "to be happy" or "to do God's will" or "to raise my kids right. What is your purpose? How do you figure out what you are really here to do? What's bigger than you? And why it's so important to get this figured out.

Episode 2 - Purpose, Vision & Goals

Why are these three areas frequently the cause of much confusion? Literally in the Coaching - Consulting Program / Training this is one of the hardest things to grasp. Yet, it's vitally important that you have a clear understanding of the role each area plays in your growth. Let's take a snap shot of each one ~ Purpose – Is your Why. Why are you here on Earth? Vision (or mission) represents the total journey that you are taking. Goals are the progressive stepping-stones that help you realize your vision, keeping it crystal clear. Listen in to get more clarity and how to use Purpose, Vision and Goals to create clarity, reduce stress (really!) and some actionable steps you can do right now.

Episode 1: 7 Essential Traits for Success

What is success anyway? We each define success in our own way, yet there are foundational principles that once known, can transform your life and your business. This podcast episode reveals the 7 Essential Traits for success. On the flip side of the coin, if you don't follow them, you will not have the level success desired and most likely be frustrated and stressed. Ignorance of them doesn't count. Think in terms of gravity, if you step of the ledge of a building 3 stories up, you will fall. Gravity works every time. Actionable items you can implement right now to move you in the direction (even one inch) towards success.