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About Debby McKinney

NAMS10-352_clipped_rev_1.pngHi there! I'm Debby McKinney. That's Debby spelled with a "y."

Being an entrepreneur means that you have to wear a lot of different hats and you need expert help to move your business in the right direction, especially if you need to apply cutting edge, innovation to your business and add a new set of tools to your toolbox.

That's "Y" (WHY) I'm the mentor you call for Business Strategy, Branding, Product Marketing and Innovative Thinking that keeps your business on the cutting edge. You may be thinking of retiring from Corporate America and starting a new business or have decided that you can NOW pursue your passions because the kids are grown. Or a small business owner that ......

I have been blessed to come from an entrepreneurial family and I have helped to build many businesses, starting with my fathers' and including my own, to 7 figures the old fashioned way... off-line.

I've had as many as 5 manufacturing plants, hundreds of employees, a legion of sales reps...

But, when I looked up, I realized that I had become a prisoner in my business. Instead of LIVING Life, I was living less... I made great money, but had NO time for what was really important – my kids – my family-just enjoying my life...

Health Challenges forced me to reevaluate my life and I chose to work from home (running a 7+ figure business) so that I could be at home to be with my three kids.

I realized then that it was time for a different type of business skills. So, I started learning and applying. I have been privileged to surround myself with industry leaders and to learn from them. I've worked directly with and trained under some of the real greats in Business.

I'm an International Business Trainer, a sought after speaker, a Business Growth Mentor and a Marketing Strategist. In fact, I've been the "silent, secret weapon" for many people who are now easily earning six figures. I can show you how to do it, too.

Currently, I'm bringing all these skills to bear while working with a phenomenal group of entrepreneurs that are using cutting edge tools to help every-day, ordinary people earn an income from home, just like I have... and that's what I can show you how to do, too. I have proven system that works!

So, now, I'm no longer a prisoner chained to my business, I'm truly free, building another 7 figure business almost on auto-pilot and working from home... or wherever I chose to be ... I love to travel !!

I'm a gluten-free foodie (yes, gluten-free can be gourmet), whose passionate about life gone greener, and racing sailboats in my free time. I spend a lot of time sailing...I'm a mother of three fabulous kids, a wife to my college sweetheart, a mentor to my clients and a friend to many, many more...

And, I'm LIVING an incredible life and being joyful in every day. What about you?


*My Google + Experience*


As Entrepreneur and small business owner, I am always seeking better ways – be more effective, to increase digital influence for myself and my clients and to develop marketing systems that have a positive impact on a business bottom line.
Some may consider me a "rare bird" as I have grown several offline business to 7-8 figures and I have online business'. This enabled me to see Google in a new light.

Starting late 2012, I immersed myself in Google + Marketing, Google Plus Courses, Google + Hangouts, investing hundreds of hours so far, learning from the best of the best in Google Plus.

Host of Web TV Show on Google Plus Hangouts called The Debby McKinney Show "Hangout and Grow Rich" series on www.HangoutAndGrowRich.com.

Interviews Successful Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Influencers, Product Creators and more to highlight Success Principles through information and stories.



Author of "Google+ Hangout Marketing" The How and Why of Google Plus. 

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Three Things You Might Not Have Known About Me

At ten years of age, we were the #1 relay swim team in the United States, competing at Nationals. The best was that we won a Pepsi 


shaped radio (before the internet!)

During a school play rehearsal in 5th grade, I barfed all over my shoes right on stage. My Dad then called me the "Barfy Kid" which stuck (no pun intended) for quite a while!

Since 2003, I have been an active member of the same mastermind. We started together in Bob Proctor's LifeSuccess Coaching and Consulting Program and cover Three countries and two continents.


Bragging Rights ~

Mom of 3 great (grown) kids> I love the relationship that I have with my kids and thankful I found a way to work from home (even before the internet). My husband and I built Business 7+ figures more than once. CEO Club's first pregnant women CEO member. Love to watch mentees grow into the person and grow into the business they always wanted. I believe in giving back. Co-Founder of Emerald Coast Women in Business - Non profit Race SailBoats, Have 3 Kids and am Gluten Free and Mentor